Compliance and Internal Control

When a company violates any applicable laws or regulations, it will not only become subject to the penalties under the applicable laws or regulations, but also incur the risk of losing its reputation, its corporate value and perhaps the company itself, which may happen instantly due to the development of the Internet. City-Yuwa Partners has experienced many such cases in Japan. Under such circumstances, it is vital for companies to comply with the applicable laws and regulations and an internal control system. City-Yuwa has provided high-level legal services to clients with respect to compliance and corporate internal control systems and will continue to provide those services to meet the various needs of clients.

Such services include the following:

  • Interpreting and applying relevant laws and regulations, including general corporate laws (such as the Company Act of Japan), finance regulations and criminal regulations. City-Yuwa has criminal law experts who are former prosecutors.
  • Advising officers and employees of clients on the risks of violating laws and regulations.
  • Advising on establishment of internal control systems, including:
    a) preparation of internal compliance regulations and programs;
    b) internal seminars and study sessions in relation to compliance;
    c) set-up of a monitoring system, such as a compliance committee;
    d) set-up of a reporting system on implementation of internal compliance regulations and/or programs;
    e) set-up of an internal management system for any violation of laws or regulations; and
    f) set-up of a management system to respond to any third party's requests upon the occurrence of any violation of laws or regulations, such as preparing explanations and responses to government authorities and mass media, etc.

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