"Maritime" is an area of law relating to shipping business and legal issues arising therefrom. The characteristic of maritime is that it covers not only issues which are in common with general corporate law practice, but also maritime law which incorporates shipping business’s own legal system.

Shipping business is divided into following general categories. Our firm offers legal services in each of such categories.

  1. General shipping business
    Our firm offers legal services on the following matters including legal consultation, support on contract process, preparation of contract and legal opinion, and advice on maritime-related documents:
    ① Product transport (container ship and car carrier): B/L (bill of lading)
    ② Resource transport (bulk cargo carrier for iron ore, coal, wood, grain, etc.): C/P (charter party)
    ③ Energy transport (crude oil carrier (tanker) and LNG tanker): C/P (charter party)
    ④ Offshore energy production (FSRU (floating storage and regasification units) and SEP Ship (self-elevating platform ship): business tie-up agreement, joint venture agreement, etc.
    ⑤ Ship finance (For details, please refer to the Asset Finance Section): loan agreement, etc.
    ⑥ Sale and purchase of ships: sale and purchase agreement and other agreements, import of ships, and sale of Japanese ship to foreign shipowner after changing the nationality of such ship to foreign nationality
  2. Shipwreck
    Grounding, sinking, collision, sea rescue, general average and oil spill
    Communications and negotiations with the Transportation Safety Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, acting as maritime counselor at marine accident tribunal, etc.
  3. Laws and regulations relating to shipping business
    Anti-monopoly law (oligopoly in shipping lines), environmental law (CO² emission), maritime law, tax law, etc.
    Prior consultations with government authorities on sensitive matters, communications and negotiations with government authorities in case of violation, etc.
  4. Dispute resolution
    Representing clients in lawsuits or arbitrations concerning disputes arising from business activities, assisting clients in disputes relating to arrest of ships or bunker in such ships, assisting clients in dealing with shipwrecks, assisting clients in bankruptcy involving shipping company, etc.
  5. Ship registration
    Registration of Japanese ship including registration for preservation or transfer of ownership, registration to create a ship mortgage and registration to appoint ship’s husband, filing of applications for such registrations, filing of application for registration to create a ship mortgage on foreign ship, filing of other maritime-related registration applications and notifications, etc.
  6. Legal service concerning foreign ship
    Legal consultation, etc. concerning nationality of ocean-going ship and foreign subsidiary (For Marshall Islands, please refer to the Marshall Islands Section)

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