IT, Internet and Information & Communications

There have been remarkable changes in the IT, Internet and telecommunication industries (collectively, the "IT Industry"), and the new technologies and services offered by the IT Industry have raised new legal issues. Although new legislation has been promulgated and there have been court cases on these new legal issues, such legislative and judicial efforts have not caught up with the developments in the IT Industry. City-Yuwa Partners has many lawyers who have the knowledge, skill and experience in legal matters relating to the IT Industry. Such lawyers are indispensable in providing appropriate legal services to the IT Industry.

With respect to the IT Industry, the legal services offered by City-Yuwa include, among others, drafting, negotiation, execution and enforcement of agreements, such as software license agreements, system development agreements, agreements and terms and conditions of use concerning provision of goods and services through the Internet, and policies for security and handling of personal information, and advising on laws pertaining to the IT Industry, such as the Law concerning Limitation on Liabilities of Internet Service Providers, the Communication Business Law and the Law concerning the Protection of Personal Information. Due to the fact that the IT Industry actively engages in M&A, assistance to clients in due diligence and M&A is also one of the core services offered by City-Yuwa.

In addition to legal services in business transactions, City-Yuwa offers legal services relating to patent and copyright infringement litigation, and assists clients in determining whether licenses in specific patents are required under the telecommunication standards. (For more details, please see "Intellectual Property and Information Technology".) City-Yuwa also assists clients in the IT Industry with preventing any possible compliance violations and, if any violation occurs, taking measures against such violation. (For more details, please see "Compliance".)

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