General Consultations on Personnel and Labor Matters

Companies are required to take a practical approach to personnel and labor-related problems in accordance with the laws and regulations in order to provide a favorable work environment to their workers. At City-Yuwa Partners, lawyers with extensive experience provide appropriate advice tailored to each problem.

  • Advice on Internal Structure, Internal Rules and Preparation of Labor Contracts
    There have been frequent amendments to the labor laws in order to keep up with the recent changes in the environment involving companies and workers. City-Yuwa provides appropriate advice on the establishment of internal structures, amendment to internal rules and preparation of labor contracts for the development of work environments in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Advice on Measures against Harassment
    There have been many cases in which a company received a complaint from its employee about sexual harassment or bullying by a superior, the employee filed a lawsuit against the company due to the company's failure to properly handle the problem, and the company incurred substantial costs and its goodwill and reputation were damaged. With respect to cases involving sexual harassment and bullying by superiors, City-Yuwa investigates the facts and provides advice on the measures to be taken in such cases in order to prevent the occurrence of any dispute.
  • Advice on Termination of Labor Contract Including Layoff and Dismissal
    City-Yuwa provides practical advice on the drafting and implementation of a layoff plan based on its legal experience in the case where a company is required to lay off workers for its survival due to economic conditions or management conditions at the time. City-Yuwa also provides support to companies considering terminating the labor contract with a problematic worker, and can assist a company to amicably terminate the labor contract with such worker, including, among others, recommending that such worker resign, offering a severance package and drafting a termination agreement based on such severance package. In case dismissal of the worker is necessary in the end, City-Yuwa is able to provide precise advice on the dismissal procedure in accordance with the laws and regulations.
  • Advice on Disciplinary Action Case
    In case of any disciplinary action in a company, City-Yuwa advises on the investigation and determination of facts, the decision on the applicability of disciplinary action, appropriate and proper disciplinary action and implementation of reasonable procedures, and provides practical support on corporate compliance.
  • Advice on Fixed-Term Labor Contract and Worker Dispatch Contract
    City-Yuwa advises on drafting of contracts and termination of labor contracts relating to any problems concerning, among others, fixed-term labor contracts and workers under an indefinite employment term such as workers under a worker dispatch contract, in accordance with the laws and regulations, and provides appropriate advice on problems relating to the Worker Dispatching Act.
  • Advice on Worker's Accidents
    Recently, the issue has been raised as to whether a heart condition from excessive work, brain damage and the mental health problem of a worker due to stress, etc. can be considered a worker's accident, in addition to worker's accidents caused by accidents in factories, etc. City-Yuwa provides practical advice on worker's accident cases in accordance with the laws, regulations and guidelines issued by the relevant authorities. Due to the fact that City-Yuwa has lawyers who are former prosecutors, City-Yuwa is also capable of properly and expeditiously handling any criminal cases under the Labor Safety and Sanitation Act and other related cases.
  • Advice on M&A
    City-Yuwa Partners also has extensive experience in M&A and provides appropriate advice on any procedures necessary for mergers and acquisitions, business transfer, demerger and other corporate restructuring processes as well as labor problems which often arise from them, from the perspective of, among others, labor law and corporate law. City-Yuwa also provides appropriate due diligence reports on personnel and labor management issues accompanying M&A based on its extensive knowledge of labor law and customary practices.

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