Collective Bargaining

Disputes involving labor unions require special legal expertise including expertise in the Labor Union Act. Any mishandling of labor union issues will result in (i) an accusation of unfair labor practices by the labor union against the company, such as the company's refusal to hold collective bargaining, the company's control over or interference with the formation or management of a labor union by workers or the company's detrimental treatment of workers, or (ii) the labor union's petition to the labor relations commission.

City-Yuwa Partners provides clients with appropriate advice including, among others, advice on how to approach negotiations with a company's labor union on working conditions by taking into account the collective agreement and how to approach collective bargaining concerning the treatment of each labor union member. In such cases, City-Yuwa provides clients with the most appropriate solution plan based on applicable laws, regulations, judicial precedents and other legal bases by taking into account, among others, the corporate structure and financial condition of the company.

Recently, there have been cases in which employees of small and medium-sized companies and foreign companies without a labor union request collective bargaining after joining a labor union independent from such companies. In such case, City-Yuwa provides appropriate advice on how to accept such a request without being accused of unfair labor practices. Furthermore, City-Yuwa provides detailed explanation of the matters to consider at the initial stage of collective bargaining and provides practical advice on how to proceed with the collective bargaining thereafter. City-Yuwa also attends the collective bargaining negotiations as necessary.

City-Yuwa also provides companies with advice on how to handle any agitation activities and complaints by a labor union. Further, City-Yuwa represents clients in any special procedures relating to unfair labor practice cases involving a district labor relations commission or the central labor relations commission in order to protect clients' interests.

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