Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions involve a wide variety of legal issues. Even with respect to transactions involving actual real estate, key issues differ between transactions involving vacant land and transactions involving land with a building. Transactions involving new buildings and transactions involving used buildings are completely different. Notable legal issues also vary depending on the features of each type of building, such as a single family house, housing complex, condominium and commercial building.

Moreover, real estate transactions today are not limited to real estate itself, but also include the sale of trust beneficiary interests. It may not be an overstatement to say that it is not appropriate to categorize this practice area simply as involving a kind of real estate transaction.

City-Yuwa Partners has practical experience in a large number of real estate transactions. The greatest strength of City-Yuwa is its ability to respond to an entire real estate transaction from the perspective of implementing preventive measures and legal strategy which takes into account the specific practical risks by having its lawyers engaged in real estate disputes and lawyers engaged in property development projects work together in the same case and by having such lawyers use their experiences gained in a large number of actual real estate disputes. While advice from lawyers without experience in disputes may often fail to satisfy the needs of clients who actually have been a party to such disputes, City-Yuwa is able to provide any and all advice on real estate transactions.

City-Yuwa is also able to adequately handle real estate tax which is intertwined with real estate transactions. Lawyers of City-Yuwa are able not only to handle basic real estate tax issues, but also to provide legal and tax advice in complex cases by working together with highly specialized certified public tax accountants.

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