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June 18, 2021Events
Mikio Tanaka served as a panelist in a web-based training program for the next generation of lawyers who will be responsible for international exchange and international judicial support, hosted by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.
June 15, 2021Publications
"Risk Management of Solar Power Generation Business through Legal Means and Insurance" co-authored by Takashi Saito was published in the Summer 2021 issue of "Environmental Business".
May 28, 2021From City-Yuwa
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May 20, 2021Publications
Ryoko Takeda wrote an article titled, "Significance of Advance Notice in Tax Audit and Presence During the Audit, and the Impact of Illegality in Tax Audit Procedures on the Disposition of Taxation" published by Japan Tax Research Institute (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation).
May 15, 2021Publications
Yoko Maeda wrote an article entitled, "Conditions for Achieving Dramatic Growth in International Arbitration in Japan - Focus on Conditions of Physical and Human Resources" for Rule of Law, No. 201.
May 15, 2021Publications
Yoko Maeda wrote an article entitled, "What you should know about International Arbitration - preparing for business trouble overseas - (vol 4. "Procedure of International Arbitration")" for NBL No. 1194.
April 27, 2021Events
Yoko Maeda gave a presentation and participated as a panelist in the webinar entitled, "2021 ICC Rules of Arbitration - Most Important Change", hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce JAPAN (ICC JAPAN).
April 15, 2021From City-Yuwa
Sixteen lawyers of City-Yuwa Partners were chosen for the 12th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Japan.
April 1, 2021Firm News
Ryo Suzuki, admitted in 2005, and Naosuke Fujita, admitted in 2009, has joined the Firm as a Counsel. Katsuya Fujita, admitted in 2015, and Kenta Fujieda, admitted in 2017, has joined the Firm Associates.
March 31, 2021Firm News
Yoko Maeda was appointed as an Arbitrator of the 6th Dalian Arbitration Committee.
March 19, 2021Publications
Mikio Tanaka wrote an article titled "Der neue rechtliche Rahmen der Beschäftigung älterer Personen" (PDF) on protection of secrets of the client – the first introduction of the attorney-client privilege in Japan in a limited form in the Spring 2021 issue of JAPANMARKT, published by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.
March 15, 2021Publications
Takashi Saito co-authored an article entitled ""W&I Insurance" as an effective risk-hedging means for M&A transactions concerning renewable energy generation business" for the issue of "Environmental Business" 2021 Spring.
March 11, 2021Events
Yoko Maeda participated as a panelist in the Panel Discussion entitled, "ADR in Japan: On the Cusp of Statutory, Technological and Cultural Change", jointly hosted by FTI Consulting, etc.
March 9, 2021Publications
An article entitled, "Tax havens' economic substantive law and its impact on ocean-going shipping" (PDF) written by Reiko Yoshida was published in Monthly Magazine March 2021 Issue of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Singapore.
March 8, 2021Events
Yoko Maeda participated as a speaker in the Panel Discussion entitled, "Gender diversity in international arbitration: Trends and developments in Japan and Asia Pacific", hosted by Arbitral Women.
February 18, 2021From City-Yuwa
City-Yuwa Partners has received high evaluation in the following categories in Chambers Global 2021 and Chambers Asia-Pacific 2021, published by Chambers & Partners.
February 16, 2021Publications
Yuko Toyoda co-authored a book titled, "Before and After the Amendment of the Companies Act" published by Koubundou Publishers Inc.
February 16, 2021Publications
Yuko Toyoda co-supervised a book titled, "Practical Commentary on the Amendment of the Companies Act, 2nd Edition" published by Koubundou Publishers Inc.
February 4, 2021Events
Mikio Tanaka made a presentation on "Kurzer Überblick über COVID-19 in Japan und über den gesetzlichen Rahmen zur Begrenzung wirtschaftlicher Aktivitäten und wie sie sich auf das Management von Anwaltskanzleien ausgewirkt haben (Brief overview of COVID-19 in Japan and the legal framework of limiting economic activities and how they have affected the management of law firms)"(PDF) at the webinar "The Impact of COVID-19 on Law Firms and Legal Practice" jointly held by Japan Federation of Bar Associations and the German Federal Bar / Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer.
February 3, 2021Publications
"Q&A Legal affairs by industry 'School'" was published by Chuokeizai-sha, Inc. with Koji Mizutani as a co-author.
January 28, 2021Publications
Masamichi Sakamoto, Naoki Matsuo and Kiyoshi Nakayama co-authored an article "World Law Group 2021 Global Venture Capital Guide" (PDF).
January 27, 2021Events
Yoko Maeda participated as a panelist in the Panel Discussion of New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) Annual Meeting entitled, "Cross-border Litigation. When we need the most from our allies around the world: Best Practices and Recommendations".
January 25, 2021Publications
Hiroaki Matsunaga wrote an article titled "Antitrust Case News – Commission's decision revoking the administrative surcharge which was imposed twice on the same bidding case" which appeared in February 2021 issue of Jurist (No. 1554).
January 18, 2021From City-Yuwa
The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2021 has recommended City-Yuwa Partners in the 8 areas, and further recommended our 6 lawyers.
January 1, 2021Firm News
Seven attorneys newly admitted, Mimoe Furihata, Ryo Ida, Yuta Kakura, Ken Kishimoto, Ryota Morimura, Misako Oishi and Takako Okamura have joined the Firm.
January 1, 2021Firm News
Taketomo Morita, Koji Mizutani, Yoshitaka Hagiwara, Shuichi Nagaoka and Yasuhiro Okuhara have been promoted to Partners of the Firm.
January 1, 2021Firm News
Yusuke Shimada has been promoted to counsel of the Firm.
January 1, 2021Firm News
Reiko Yoshida has joined the Firm as a Partner.

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