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March 17, 2019Publications
Mikio Tanaka wrote an article titled "Das japanische Rechtswesen | Teil 4: Stützen des Wirtschaftswachstums der Nachkriegszeit (Landscape of Japanese Law | Part 4: Supporting Rapid Economic Growth in the Post-war Period)" in the March 2019 issue of JAPANDIGEST, published by the Doitsu News Digest GmbH.
March 13, 2019Publications
Hiroaki Asahara wrote an article titled "Global Focus: Japan’s Regenerative Medicine Regulatory Pathways: Encouraging Innovation and Patient Access" (PDF) which appeared in UPDATE Magazine (February/March 2019).
February 6, 2019From City-Yuwa
A new page with a German-language glossary of Japanese legal terminologies used in modern transactions has been launched. This page will be updated from time to time.
February 6, 2019Events
Yoko Maeda will serve as an Expert for ICC Advanced Arbitration Academy for Asia. (March 8, 2019)
January 30, 2019Events
Izuru Goto gave a lecture entitled "Legal nature of cryptocurrencies from the perspective of civil law" at the January seminar held by Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association.
January 21, 2019Publications
Masahiro Terada wrote an article titled "Analysis on a Report compiled by the Third-party Panel concerning the improper loan scandal of Suruga Bank and practical advice for other companies to prevent similar scandals" which appeared in the Business Homu (March, 2019).
January 1, 2019Firm News
Ten attorneys newly admitted, Keiji Aratake, Satoko Fukui, Ryonggwi Kim, Naoto Kudo, Masashi Miyajima, Kiyoshi Nakayama, Satoshi Ohba, Seiya Onozawa, Shiho Saito and Junya Yamashita have joined the Firm.
January 1, 2019Firm News
Miya Miyama, Yusuke Sugihara, Takashi Saito, and Hiroaki Matsunaga have been promoted to Partners of the Firm.
January 1, 2019Firm News
Daigo Nomura and Yo Tamura have been promoted to counsel of the Firm.
January 1, 2019Firm News
Rodell A. Molina, admitted in New York and Philippines and Certified Public Accountant in Philippines, has joined the Firm.