Vietnam Practice
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Vietnam Practice

Vietnam has attracted many Japanese companies as manufacturing places and growing markets on investments, transactions and other economic activities.

We have sufficient team to, under the languages of Japanese, English and Vietnamese, provide appropriate solutions in an efficient and prompt manner for various Vietnamese law issues such as the followings, having lawyers who have been, based on cooperation with internal or outside Vietnamese lawyers, specialized in this area for more than 20 years with sufficient practical skills and knowledge:

  1. advising on investment law, enterprise law, civil code, commercial code, labor law, competition law, cyber security law, environment protection law and other corporate law issues in Vietnam;
  2. proposing efficient structure for establishment of subsidiaries, BCC, PPP and other investment in Vietnam under WTO, TPP, JVEPA and other relevant international treaties;
  3. advising on, drafting relevant contracts, assisting governmental procedures under laws and regulations in Japan and Vietnam with respect to the establishment of subsidiaries, BCC, PPP and other investments in Vietnam;
  4. assisting M&A such as legal due diligence on Vietnamese companies, drafting of relevant JV contracts, shareholders agreement, SPA, loan agreements and so forth;
  5. drafting and advising on charter, labor regulations and other internal rules of Vietnamese subsidiaries;
  6. compliance investigations and proposal of solution and prevention measures on compliance;
  7. advice, internal investigation, responding to investigations, on bribe and other compliance issues;
  8. drafting and advising on IP law issues such as drafting technology license agreements and responding to infringement of IP;
  9. advice and due diligence research on ESG;
  10. advice on cyber security law, protection of personal information and assistance on relevant governmental procedures;
  11. analysis and negotiation with governmental agencies on consistency between laws and regulations and practice in Vietnam and WTO, TPP and other relevant international treaties;
  12. responding to antidumping, CVD and other trade remedy investigations, and negotiations and so forth with relevant customs;
  13. application and filings to competition agencies;
  14. litigation and arbitration;
  15. advice on exits from investments, dissolution, bankruptcy and civil rehabilitation and so forth in Vietnam.

Attorneys handling this practices