Bankruptcy and Restructuring
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Bankruptcy and Restructuring

City-Yuwa Partners has a broad range of experience in the area of bankruptcy and restructuring. City-Yuwa represents debtors, creditors, sponsors, investors, suppliers and other business entities in restructuring and bankruptcy matters, including civil rehabilitation proceedings, corporate reorganization proceedings, out-of-court restructurings, bankruptcy proceedings and liquidations. With the combination of lawyers across many practice areas, City-Yuwa provides efficient services to address the various needs of clients. City-Yuwa’s experience covers a range of various industries, including manufacturing, retailing, construction, real estate, leisure such as golf courses, and hospitality, including hotels. A large part of the bankruptcy practice involves serving as trustees and court-appointed supervisors for bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

City-Yuwa’s experience includes:

・representing and acting as a trustee on behalf of Nihon Sogo Jisho, a TSE-listed real estate developer, in its corporate organization proceeding;

・representing Nisso, a JASDAQ-listed water tank manufacturing company, in its civil rehabilitation proceeding;

・acting as a supervisor on behalf of Landcom, a TSE-listed real estate developer in its civil rehabilitation proceeding;

・acting as a bankruptcy trustee for FOI, a TSE-Mothers-listed high-tech venture company;

・representing a creditor to commence a corporate reorganization proceeding against First Credit, a JASDAQ-listed non-bank;

・acting as a liquidator of Interlease, a major lease company in its special liquidation proceeding.

Attorneys handling this practices


Appointed as a trustee in the corporate reorganization proceedings for THE JAPAN GENERAL ESTATE CO., LTD. (debt: 197.5 billion yen). In addition, served as receiver's agent and petitioned for commencement of corporate reorganization proceedings in many reorganization cases.
Appointed as a bankruptcy trustee for Opti Factor Co., Ltd. and seven Group companies (operations related to the issuance of corporate bonds backed by claims for medical fees, etc.) (total debt: 22.7 billion yen). In addition, appointed as the bankruptcy trustee in many bankruptcy proceedings and petitioned for commencement of bankruptcy proceedings for many companies.
Appointed as a supervisor of the civil rehabilitation proceedings for WithOne Company Limited (total debt: 2.52 billion yen). In addition, appointed as the supervisor in many civil rehabilitation proceedings and petitioned for commencement of many civil rehabilitation proceedings.
Served as a court appointed liquidator for liquidation with the Tokyo branch closure of the Royal Bank of Scotland Plc. As well, appointed as the liquidator with closure of the Tokyo branches of many foreign banks.
Negotiated a contract with reconstruction company Japan Airlines Corporation for Sabre Group, Inc. (U.S. travel agent)
Served as the attorney of the liquidator in Japan under SIPA of Lehman Brothers Inc. (U.S. securities firm).
Appointed by the court as an agent of the rehabilitation receiver in the reorganization of a condominium developer.
Appointed by the court as the rehabilitation receiver's agent in the reorganization of a golf course.
Served as a bankruptcy petition agent for the franchise operation company for food sales opening stores nationwide.
Served as the agent of a U.S. company in reorganization proceedings in Japan (the agent of the reorganization creditors).
For many years, appointed by courts as bankruptcy trustee in various industries, including travel agencies, franchise operators, real estate affiliates, and developers.

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