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The manufacturing sector covers a wide range of business activities and civic life, including basic materials, processing and assembly and lifestyle-related activities, such as computers and other electronic equipment, household electrical equipment, general equipment, vehicles and transportation equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastic and rubber products, construction, food, furniture, clothing, textiles, beverages and feed, publishing and printing. Each manufacturing industry has its own specific legal regulations from the perspective of ensuring safety, quality, etc. and must respond appropriately to supervisory authorities and comply with notifications, reports, etc. to local authorities. There are also many circumstances that need to undergo legal checks such as that of research and development, commercialization, and market entry, each phase of which has its own legal issues, as well as the relationship between the procurement and manufacture of raw materials and processing and assembly, commissioning and contracting, licensing and brand rights, capital issues for investment and development, restructuring and M&A to improve efficiency, and sales arrangements that do not impede fair and free competition. Legal considerations such as contractual non-conformity liability (termination and damages), product liability, whether or not the contract can be re-consigned (contractor supervision liability), prescription, confidentiality, burden of risk and intellectual property rights are also essential when drafting contracts.

It is also beneficial, in today’s world of social media, to seek legal counsel as improper response to a consumer of a product can directly lead to trust issues for a company. Manufacturing is built on a safe and appropriate working environment for many employees but workplace bullying, overtime issues, foreign workers, dismissals, work rules and other legalities often need to be addressed and legally catered for in the manufacturing industry. In recent times, information security breaches in the supply chain have also become more serious, and manufacturers are under pressure to compensate victims of leaks for their losses. City-Yuwa provides one-stop services for clients in the manufacturing sector through the collaboration of its lawyers with a variety of specialization.

Attorneys handling this practices


Gave compliance-related advice for lawsuits, disputes, contract preparation, trading in the automobile, tobacco, electronic equipment, and other industries.
Legal support for a start-up companies developing modular, automated production facilities for the production of functional chemicals