Transportation and Logistics
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Transportation and Logistics

City-Yuwa Partners has extensive experience in the logistics and transportation industries and advises: 

  • shipping companies
  • land transportation companies
  • warehouse companies
  • courier companies
  • logistics facility operators
  • major shippers
  • logistics start-ups, etc.

In addition, we often represent clients in negotiations with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Transport Bureau, support negotiations by clients, and are also involved in frontline logistics and transportation policies. For example, we are also involved in legislative policy, as a member of the Council for Revision of Laws and Regulations and as such, examine and propose amendments to the Japanese government’s notifications through public comments. We provide information on such achievements through newsletters and seminars.

Even with excellent management resources and ideas for the efficiency and development of the logistics and transportation industries, there will be uncertainty about the examination procedure for realizing them. We are proud to be able to provide consulting services that go beyond the framework of legal advice by having lawyers with experience in cutting-edge businesses provide advice. Especially when creating a completely new custom-made contracts for a new business model, consulting with an experienced lawyer makes it possible to efficiently formulate a contract in a short period of time.

In addition, one of the cutting-edge areas of the logistics and transportation industry is joint delivery and the integration of standards, which is essential to consider antitrust issues. City-Yuwa’s attorneys with deep knowledge of both logistics and transportation and antitrust law can provide one-stop appropriate advice.

Furthermore, we have broad experience in litigation cases related to transportation companies (contract disputes, accidents, etc.), acquisition of land transportation companies, and business restructuring of international courier service companies, in addition to representing clients in obtaining licenses and registrations under various business laws. We also provide extensive advice on issues such as Subcontracting Act and labor law, which are issues of daily concern in the logistics and transportation industry.

Attorneys handling this practices


Advised on an agreement regarding the technical assistance provided by a British air traffic control company.
Continuously advised on insolvency of an overseas airline companies.

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