Security Policy
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Security Policy

CITY-YUWA PARTNERS (hereafter “City-Yuwa”) works to establish and maintain a system of advanced information security management to properly handle information assets held for work-related reasons and protecting that information appropriately.

City-Yuwa hereby sets forth the basic principles of information security measures and ensure strict adherence.

1. Strict adherence to laws, regulations and norms

City-Yuwa will strictly adhere to applicable laws, regulations and other norms related to information security.

2. Establishment of our system for managing information security

City-Yuwa will establish and properly maintain a system of information security management by developing internal regulations pertaining to information security and assigning persons responsible for information security and a department for managing information security.

3. Rigorous implementation of information security measures

To protect information assets held by City-Yuwa for work related reasons from the threat of unauthorized access, leakage, tampering, loss, destruction or interruption of use, etc., City-Yuwa will implement appropriate measures.

4. Incident response

City-Yuwa will work to prevent information security incidents, and if an incident occurs wherein information security has been violated, City-Yuwa will quickly restore security and resolve the issue as well as analyze the cause and work to prevent future incidents.

5. Implementation of Information Security Training and Supervision

City-Yuwa will work to continuously educate and train all experts such as attorneys and all staffs on information security and conduct appropriate supervision to improve the level of information security.

6. Continuous Improvement

City-Yuwa will regularly check adherence to this information security policy and continuously review and improve information security measures.