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May 2, 2022Firm News
Hidetomo Futami has joined the Firm as a Partner
May 1, 2022Publications
Hiroaki Matsunaga wrote an article entitled, "UK: The case in which a monopolistic bulk mail delivery provider has declared to an entrant that it will change the pricing structure for access to delivery services is an example of an abuse of dominant position under Article 18 of the UK Competition Act 1998 and Article 102 of the EU Treaty on the Functioning of European Union" for NBL No. 1217.
April 30, 2022Publications
Akira Nagasaki authored "Labour and Employment Issues in M&A in Japan" (PDF) in the "Practice Guides: Japan M&A" (Second Edition).
April 22, 2022Firm News
Seven newly admitted attorneys, Shizuka Kamiya, Fumiya Nishikawa, Shoko Tanaka, Yota Uno, Kyosuke Yamada, and Takahiro Zaima have joined the Firm.
April 20, 2022Events
Hitomi Sakai participated as a speaker at the seminar entitled, "What You Need To Know About Canada-Japan Estate Planning-Golden Opportunity To Understand Key Concepts!", hosted by CCCJ (The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan).
April 19, 2022From City-Yuwa
Sixteen lawyers of City-Yuwa Partners were chosen for the 13th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Japan.
April 11, 2022Publications
Mikio Tanaka wrote an article titled "Neo-Protektionismus auch in Japan - Pflichten ausländischer Investoren in der Hightech-Branche" (PDF) on the increased restrictions on the direct internal investments in the Spring 2022 issue of JAPANMARKT, published by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.
April 1, 2022Firm News
Ken Kurokawa, admitted in 2020, has joined the Firm.
March 29, 2022Publications
"Overview of Regulations on Travel Rule Established by Self-Regulatory Body of Crypto Assets Exchange Business" co-authored by Izuru Goto was published in March 29, 2022 issue of Financial Affairs (No. 3441).
March 22, 2022Firm News
Seunghoon Kim, admitted to the Korea Bar, has joined the Firm.
March 19, 2022Events
Mikio Tanaka was a moderator at a webinar on the internationalization of regional bar associations, organized by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.
March 15, 2022Publications
"True Sale in Asset-based Finance" written by Izuru Goto was published in The Financial and Business Law Precedents No. 1636 (2022.3) Special Number - Analyses of the latest financial court precedents and their implications -.
March 15, 2022Publications
"Risk Management of Solar Power Generation Business through Legal Means and Insurance IV" co-authored by Takashi Saito was published in the Spring 2022 issue of "Environmental Business".
March 1, 2022Publications
"New Proprietary Value in Digitalized Society and Trust" edited and co-authored by Izuru Goto was published in Shojihomu.
March 1, 2022Firm News
Jaedong Han, admitted in 2018, has joined the Firm.
February 21, 2022Firm News
Tsubasa Ito, admitted in 2019, has joined the Firm.