Overseas Listings
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Overseas Listings

Many Japanese companies or foreign companies which have major subsidiary or business in Japan have planned and achieved listing in the various foreign stock exchange markets, such as US, China (Hong Kong and mainland China), Singapore, London and Korea, in order to raise funds, enhancing reputation of their brands, recruiting talented people with attractive stock option.

We have assisted many foreign listing projects, including more than 20 IPO projects in China (Hong Kong and mainland China) and IPO by Japanese companies on NASDAQ, under the languages of Japanese, English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean, with respect to the followings:

  1. providing analysis on the consistency between (i) Japanese laws and regulations and internal rules of Japanese companies and (ii) relevant foreign laws and stock exchange rules, and solution for inconsistency found by such analysis;
  2. drafting and reviewing prospectus with respect to laws and regulations and practices in Japan;
  3. legal due diligence work on Japanese entities and contracts and businesses which are governed by Japanese laws, and preparation of necessary legal opinions and so forth;
  4. preparation of necessary documentation as required by foreign legal advisers and other teams for the purpose of listing;
  5. summarize and translation of internal rules, major contracts and other necessary documents in English, Chinese or Korean;
  6. drafting and reviewing answers and explanations to various questions raised by relevant department of the foreign stock exchange with respect to laws and regulations and practices in Japan.

Many documents which are required for the listings in foreign stock exchanges are not familiar in Japan.  Further, there are several areas for which foreign stock exchanges often ask questions, and answers to such questions should be provided carefully to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding by such foreign stock exchanges.  We believe we have sufficient team to provide such documents and answers in an efficient and prompt manner, having sufficient experiences and knowledges.

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