Advice on Patent Strategy

Advice on Patent Strategy

It is very important for a company to have a patent strategy in connection with its corporate management. Companies in the manufacturing sector conduct research and development in order to commercialize the results of such research and development and to raise profits. A substantial amount of investment is required to achieve such goal and it is necessary for a company to recover its investment. The primary purpose of a company retaining patents is to exclude any newcomer, which would imitate the company’s technology, from entering into the market which has been created by the company’s investments and research and development, in order for the company not to lose the opportunity to recover its investment.

As a patent strategy, a company must first procure any patent which will help the company to achieve the above goal. Although patent prosecution is not one of the practice areas of City-Yuwa Partners, City-Yuwa has extensive experience in patent litigation and is able to provide advice on what patent should be applied for and obtained by working together with a patent attorney who handles patent prosecution.

Attorneys handling this practices


Advised on joint development agreements with an overseas company.
Appointed as an attorney for patent litigation.
Advised on domestic patent disputes.

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