Venture Capital / Private Equity

Venture Capital

City-Yuwa Partners provides legal services required in each phase from company formation through initial public offering on behalf of start-up and emerging growth companies.

City-Yuwa is committed to supporting start-up ventures with a wide range of legal services, including company formation, financing, organizational design, stipulating internal rules, providing incentive plans, and preparation of agreements with business counterparts.

City-Yuwa has also supported venture capitalists by providing a broad range of services, including establishment of funds, evaluation of schemes for investment in venture companies, preparation of investment agreements and implementation of legal due diligence upon investment. Having dealt with a variety of investment projects together with leading venture capitalists in Japan, City-Yuwa has engaged in investment projects in various fields of business with the capacity to provide solutions to specific issues and needs of clients.

Upon an initial public offering, City-Yuwa can evaluate appropriate schemes to enable a smooth offering of shares, in collaboration with attorneys with expertise in capital markets. City-Yuwa is also capable of supporting clients in an exit phase, including sale of venture companies to third parties, in collaboration with attorneys specialized in M&A transactions.

Private Equity

City-Yuwa is proud to have engaged in a broad range of private equity practices to support numerous private equity funds.

In collaboration with City-Yuwa's attorneys with expertise in finance, securities, and insurance, City-Yuwa has supported the establishment of private equity funds in their selection of investment vehicles, preparation of partnership agreements (kumiai keiyaku), preparation of disclosure documents, and arrangements with lenders.
In many cases, investment deals of private equity funds can be handled by City-Yuwa's M&A practice group, but in order to achieve appropriate solutions to issues and fulfil the needs of fund-specific investments, City-Yuwa's attorneys with rich experience and know-how in private equity investment can provide an array of legal services, including implementation of legal due diligence and preparation of investment agreements.

In an exit phase, City-Yuwa Partners advises clients, according to their requests, on public offerings, sales of shares, and other schemes, in collaboration with attorneys with expertise in capital markets and M&A transactions.

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