Labor Litigation and Arbitration
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Labor Litigation and Arbitration

City-Yuwa Partners has extensive experience and know-how in various labor disputes such as sexual harassment, bullying by superiors, nonpayment for overtime pay and dismissal. There have been many cases in which the mishandling of such labor disputes at the initial stage resulted in a prolonged dispute which could have been resolved in a short period or the incurrence of a large amount of cost from an unfavorable decision in the legal proceedings. Such cases are often seen in multinational companies which employ workers within Japan.

In court proceedings such as a lawsuit, preliminary injunction and labor tribunal, City-Yuwa will form the best team led by a lawyer with extensive experience, set up an effective strategy and carry out the proceedings in a way which is most expedient and favorable to the client.

Dispute resolution procedures for labor disputes require various kinds of work including, among others, investigation of facts and gathering of evidence relating to the dispute, inquiries to people involved in the dispute, drafting of written statements and, if necessary, preparation of witness testimony. City-Yuwa can guide clients to the most favorable results by its strategic approach and skills honed through years of experience in labor dispute cases.

Attorneys handling this practices


Acted for employers in labor matters and personnel disputes.
Advised a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on a lawsuit for termination of employment in Thailand.
Representation in labor tribunal proceedings for Japanese subsidiaries of U.S. companies, and handling disputes with employees in Japanese subsidiaries of Canadian, German, and other companies.
Have many experience in lawsuits and disciplinary actions against employees due to restructuring.

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