Mass Torts Litigation and Injunction Lawsuits
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Mass Torts Litigation and Injunction Lawsuits

We have extensive experience in large-scale class-actions with an extremely large number of plaintiffs and significant social impact, modern tort litigation requiring specialist knowledge in various fields such as science and technology, the environment, architecture and IT, and injunctive actions based on moral rights. These lawsuits often involve “contemporary social issues” involving scientific and technological issues that are contested in court and special consideration is required for each allegation, proof, and the progress of the litigation. In addition to legal theory, we also strive to collect and organize specialist technical knowledge and expertise in each field in a precise and careful manner and conduct our litigation activities in such large-scale, complex, and specialized litigations in such a way that appropriate and reasonable decisions can be reached by always bearing the essence of the dispute in mind.

Attorneys handling this practices


Served as a defense team for the plaintiff in the case of damages claimed by Ashikaga Bank, Ltd., its executive officer, and an auditing firm as the defendant.
Have been entrusted with and experienced in many cases, including air pollution litigation, tobacco litigation (active smoking, passive smoking), large-scale collective litigation for nuclear power damage, litigation for compensation for damages related to radiation exposure, lawsuits for injunction related to nuclear power facilities, and automobile PL litigation.

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