Debt Collection and  Enforcement
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Debt Collection and Enforcement

City-Yuwa Partners has years of experience with compulsory execution. With the support of experienced paralegals, City-Yuwa represents clients in a wide range of compulsory execution cases, especially debt collections and mortgage foreclosures. 

City-Yuwa also has ample experience in the methods of investigating and collecting property newly established by the legal amendments and can provide accurate and prompt advice. Our ability to properly handle compulsory execution, which is the “exit” stage, leads to prompt and appropriate handling of court proceedings and negotiations such as lawsuits and conciliation, which are procedures that precede compulsory execution.

Attorneys handling this practices


Advised a chemical manufacturer listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange regarding a lawsuit for accounts receivable and collection of receivables in Thailand.
Continuously advised on insolvency of an overseas airline companies.

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