Mika Okada

  • Partner
  • Admitted, 1999, Japan
  • Languages: Japanese, English
  • Practice Areas
  • Professional Background / Education
  • Publications / Presentations
  • Professional Activities / Accolades

Professional Background / Education

Professional Background

Nagashima, Ohno & Tsunematsu (formerly, Tsunematsu, Yanase & Sekine)
Yuwa Partners
2003 to Present
City-Yuwa Partners


Meiji University (LL.B.)
Legal Training and Research Institute

Publications / Presentations

  • "Heightened Expectations for National Universities as the Source of Knowledge for Innovation" (co-author, les Nouvelles No. 2, The Licensing Executives Society International, 2019)
  • "Non-Disclosure Agreement in M&A from the Viewpoint of the Seller" (co-author, Junkan Keirijoho No.1465, Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2016) (in Japanese)
  • "Methods to Monitor Compliance of Taiwanese Company Engaged in a Capital and Business Alliance with a Japanese Company" (co-author, in "The Lawyers", ILS Publications, Inc., 2014) (in Japanese)
  • "Q&A on legal issues concerning real-estate after the Great East Japan Earthquake (Series 1 to 5)" (co-author, in "NBL No. 955-959", Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2011) (in Japanese)
  • "Current legal issues concerning pets and residences" (in "Houritsu no Hiroba August 2011 Vol. 64, No. 8", Gyosei Corporation, 2011) (in Japanese)
  • "Visual Guide for Anti-Monopolization Act third edition" (co-author, Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2010) (in Japanese)
  • "Scope of application of new 'Guideline for Intellectual Property' (Compass for Anti-Monopolization Act) " (in "Business Homu 2008 February", Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2008) (in Japanese)
  • "Utilization of business trust as a method for joint-venture" (in "Business Homu 2007 November", Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2007) (in Japanese)
  • "Important Cases under Intellectual Property Law" (co-author, Gakuyo Shobo, 2005) (in Japanese)
  • "Beyond Boundaries: International Employee Equity Plans" (co-author, Kluwer International, 2003)

Professional Activities / Accolades

Lecturer, MBA program of the Graduate School of Sagami Women's University (2020-)
Board Member of the Licensing Executives Society Japan / Leader of the Academia and Industry R & D Collaboration Management Working Group
Member of the Japanese Association of Laws for Pet Animals
Legal mentor of the Acceleration program of ZENTECHDOJO
Adjunct Lecturer, Kumamoto University School of Law on Corporate Law (2013-2018)


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