Emerging Companies Practice Law
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Emerging Companies Practice Law

For many years, making full use of its knowledge as a major law firm, City-Yuwa Partners has been steadily providing multifaceted legal support to start-ups and ventures. 

City-Yuwa’s venture practice consists of the following.

1) Organizing a team with the right members with a high level of expertise needed for the project

A quickly growing startup company is soon confronted with a series of legal problems requiring expertise based on both knowledge and experience, such as examining intellectual property strategies, raising funds from investors, and forming business alliances and M&A with other companies. Led by attorneys specializing in venture capital law, the City-Yuwa venture capital team has a system in place to provide high quality legal services at a reasonable cost and adds members with the right expertise for each case.

2) Daily support with the right touch as advisors

Startups and venture companies often take on the challenge of creating unprecedented business models. Therefore, we provide advice from a legal perspective based on a deep understanding of the client’s intended business and related industries through careful dialogue, from the consideration stage of business models, website and system design, and industry regulations as well as providing legal support for the creation and negotiation of contracts and terms and conditions that can be used onsite. We also provide multifaceted support, including drafting and negotiating contracts and terms and conditions, advice on how to implement promotions from the perspective of advertising regulations such as the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and legal support when complaints or incidents occur.

For startups and venture companies that do not have a dedicated legal department, outside attorneys must be able to provide high quality legal support with a deep understanding of the new business model and the right touch, while also being able to communicate with administration, business planning, sales, technology, and other non-legal departments in close proximity to the “inside” of the company. City-Yuwa has been providing such hands-on legal support to many startups and venture companies for many years in the form of legal advisory services. Startups and venture companies that do not have a dedicated legal department can also feel comfortable seeking advice.

3) Seamless support from listing preparation to post-listing

When a startup enters the stage of preparing to go public, it is necessary to prepare internal rules, recheck laws and regulations applicable to the business, and establish corporate governance in anticipation of the listing examination. After going public, the company must disclose on time the right information to investors, who become new stakeholders and the legal responses required are very different from those in the unlisted stage. City-Yuwa, as a major law firm, also advises many listed companies and can continue to provide smooth legal support after listing.

Business fields of main client startups and venture companies:

  • Platform businesses (EC, hometown tax payment, matching services, fan communities, etc.)
  • Healthcare (biotechnology, advanced medical devices, genetic testing, etc.)
  • AI/IoT/ robotics
  • Mobility and automated driving related
  • FinTech (Payments, Regional Currency, NFT)
  • DX support services (warehousing, distribution, publishing, business tools, etc.)
  • System/software development and SaaS
  • Entertainment/character x technology, online games
  • Agricultural IoT/ smart agriculture
  • University and academia ventures
  • New materials

Attorneys handling this practices


Legal support for platform-related businesses such as hometown tax payment, fan-community, and EC
Comprehensive legal support for a start-up company to commercialize new antibody drug
Legal support for the launch of the Fintech business, which handles public funds for local governments
Legal support for the launch of SaaS businesses to streamline local government operations
Legal support for establishment of RaaS, SaaS business in logistics warehousing
Legal support for a university start-up that develops an ophthalmic device program using AI
Legal support for start-ups centered on platforms for introducing and developing AI visual inspections
Legal support for a start-up companies developing modular, automated production facilities for the production of functional chemicals
Comprehensive legal support for a start-up company providing drone shows
Comprehensive legal support for start-up companies engaged in online learning video services
Comprehensive legal support for a university start-up company that research and develop new materials in the renewable energy field
Comprehensive legal support for a joint venture start-up offering solutions to improve business efficiency in the publishing industry using AI and IC tagging
Design of stock acquisition rights to be used as consideration for technology transfer from universities to university ventures

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