Asset Finance

Asset Finance

City-Yuwa Partners provides advice on asset finance transactions backed by assets such as ships, aircraft and container boxes. We handle a combination of corporate finance and asset finance transactions backed by the borrower’s creditworthiness, and non-recourse type of loans (limited recourse loans and non-recourse loans) that limit repayment sources to underlying assets and the cash flows generated by such underlying assets, bankruptcy remote schemes by use of trusts, operating leases including Japan Operating Lease (JOL), finance leases, vendor finance transactions using installment sales, etc. We have many years of extensive experience advising arrangers, sponsors, borrowers, lenders and trust companies for such asset finance projects. We provide advice not only on the preparation of finance-related contracts but also provide comprehensive advice on the formation of special purpose companies (SPCs), structure review, deal management, contract negotiations, closing, legal work relating to SPCs, and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act regulations and statutory documentation regarding the sale of silent partnership equity interests.

For overseas investment projects, as a member firm of the Loan Market Association (LMA) and the Asia Pacific Loan Market Association (APLMA), which provide standard contracts for syndicated loans in cross-border transactions, we work with experienced law firms in Europe, Asia and North and South America and provide the latest documentation and practical services from the perspective of Japanese clients.

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Advised a major domestic bank on financing transactions related to a logistics facility development project in Aichi Prefecture.
Advised a major domestic bank on financing transactions related to the acquisition of an office building in Osaka Prefecture.
Advised a major domestic bank on collateralization of assets located in Vietnam in connection with a syndicated loan transaction in Japan.

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