Dispute Resolution in Financial Transaction and ADR
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Dispute Resolution in Financial Transaction and ADR

Financial transactions are essential in corporate financing and fund management. As seen in the case of derivatives, the financial transactions in Japan are becoming more complex due to the development of financial technology. In many cases involving financial transactions, the relationship between the rights and obligations of financial service providers structuring and selling of financial products and the rights and obligations of customers who invest in those financial products is important and, when a dispute over such rights and obligations arises, lawyers are required to have expertise in complex financial transactions in order to provide accurate legal advice that is conducive to reaching a resolution from a legal standpoint.

Along with having expertise in financial transactions, City-Yuwa Partners is also familiar with dispute resolution procedures including litigation (civil and penal actions), arbitration, and financial ADR (including the mediation processes of the Japanese Bankers Association and FINMAC) and its experienced lawyers provide high quality services; this includes representing clients and providing them with advice on the choice of dispute resolution methods and their conduct of the proceedings in litigation, arbitration, and financial ADR procedures.

Attorneys handling this practices


Have experience in litigating claims for damages from customers in exchange transactions. Serves as a member (Chairman of the Tokyo-B Review Committee) of "Sonpo ADR" (the dispute resolution procedures screening board) under the Financial ADR Law, which is operated by The General Insurance Association of Japan.

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