Personal Data Protection
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Personal Data Protection

Stricter protection of personal information has now become a global trend. In a digital society that enables the instantaneous distribution and transfer of large amounts of personal data, protecting the privacy of individuals has become a major issue in Japan as well.

Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information has been constantly updated. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the so-called “soft law” established by regulatory authorities, such as guidelines, as well as supplementary rules. We advise global clients with respect to the local requirements including internal rules and systems related to their Japanese businesses, provision of personal data to third parties, cross-border transfers or mandatory reporting of leaks and other incidents.

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Advised on revision of internal regulations and development of internal systems concerning personal information for TSE listed companies, etc.
Assisted a TSE prime listed company in drafting a data transfer agreement for the transfer of personal data throughout its overseas affiliates.
Assisted a global company in preparing a data transfer agreement for the transfer of personal data, including to overseas affiliates, and a data breach incident response plan in the group companies.
Assisted a Japanese company in establishing a personal information protection system in response to the April 1, 2022 revision of the Act on the Protaction of Personal Information.
Advised several Japanese companies on how to comply with the enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act in Thailand.
Advised on personal data protection for TSE Prime-listed companies.
Revised the privacy policy of foreign affiliates and consulted on data transfer from Europe.
Advice on the treatment of medical-related data for Japanese subsidiaries and university start-up companies of an overseas medical device manufacturer

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