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Tax Practice

Taxation is an essential element in corporate law and tax burden should be regarded as a vital cost factor to be considered for a successful M&A closing and other commercial transactions. Without clearly grasping tax implication issues, correctly selecting a transaction scheme or determining contractual terms and provisions underlying a transaction would be difficult.

As corporate activities become more complex and international, it is becoming equally more important for foreign corporations and Japanese non-residents to understand the timing of and types of potential taxes. The tax burden can determine the direction of a company’s business and can be essential for the survival of a company.

In addition, recently, after a taxpayer’s tax return is questioned by the tax authority and its correction is challenged, the taxpayer frequently wins the dispute over tax law interpretation. With the prevalence of tax authorities questioning tax returns and challenging the interpretation of tax laws, having professional counsel to provide tax solutions is indispensable.

City-Yuwa’s tax practice is extensive and its services include corporate tax, income tax, consumption tax and various property taxes, tax issues involving corporate reorganization, and transfer price taxation. City-Yuwa is also experienced in representing taxpayers in administrative tax proceedings.

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