Mergers and Acquisitions

In order to meet the diverse requests of our clients in the fields of corporate mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring, City-Yuwa Partners has continued to provide clients with expertise in M&A and is committed to organizing and deploying our team of attorneys to reflect the specific needs of our clients' broad range of business activities. Over the years, City-Yuwa has provided our legal services in these fields for both domestic and international clients covering a wide spectrum of businesses.

There are various methods to be implemented in corporate acquisition cases according to the purpose and the circumstances of each case, including share transfer takeover bid, restructuring of corporate groups by means of business transfer, merger, demerger, share exchange or share transfer, and capital increase by a third party. City-Yuwa has supported a multitude of clients' needs in implementing one or more of these methods by planning the methods, providing legal advice in negotiating agreements, analyzing the target companies through legal due diligence, documentation of contracts and other documents, proposing protective measures against potential hostile acquisitions, providing legal advice with respect to compliance with anti-trust laws and other relevant laws, financing in corporate acquisition, compliance with labor laws in the process of consolidation of companies, disclosure, proxy fights, large holding report, and other issues related to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, tax issues, and settlement of disputes in corporate mergers. City-Yuwa has had the honor to provide our M&A legal services to diverse clients in a broad range of businesses, including listed companies in Japan, foreign investors, private equity funds and other investment funds, domestic and foreign financial advisors, and individual investors, and has been proud to give well-suited advice to our clients according to their various needs.

City-Yuwa has advised clients in acquisition cases targeting not only domestic companies but also foreign companies in various countries and regions, in collaboration with foreign law firms, including member firms of the World Law Group, of which City-Yuwa is a member.

In acquisition cases for foreign clients targeting companies in Japan, City-Yuwa has been providing legal services by making sure our clients correctly understand Japanese laws relevant to the acquisition.

City-Yuwa can deploy a team of several, and in some cases more than ten, associates and staff members led by a partner or partners experienced in M&A transactions to deal with complicated corporate merger deals. City-Yuwa is proud to have provided clients with legal services to support successful completions of M&A deals by our team of attorneys in response to a growing demand for prompt and precise implementation of documentation and due diligence.

In particular, City-Yuwa believes through our wide experience that, in an increasing number of cases pertaining to management buyout by takeover bid, reorganization between parent company and its subsidiary, and squeeze-out transactions, it is most important to advise our clients by emphasizing the importance of taking fair and legitimate procedures and avoiding conflicts and disputes. As one of City-Yuwa's distinctive features, the M&A team often deals with many corporate rehabilitation cases in collaboration with our attorneys with expertise in corporate rehabilitation and bankruptcy.

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