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December 12, 2006
Haruyuki Hirata gave a lecture regarding the Act on Protection of Private Information at the seminar held by The Life Insurance Association of Japan.
November 27, 2006
Michael T. Hirai, admitted to the California Bar, has joined the Firm.
October 16, 2006
Ten attorneys newly admitted, Keiichiro Kubo, Norio Suzuki, Yo Tamura, Kazuyuki Nishihara, Daigo Nomura, Miho Matsuoka, Hiroshi Matsuda, Mika Yanagisawa and Izumi Yokota, have joined the Firm.
October 13, 2006
Mikio Tanaka authored an article regarding attorneys in Russia in the October 2006 issue of "Freedom and Justice" published by Japan Federation of Bar Associations.
September 1, 2006
Daisuke Terasaki, admitted in 1998, has joined the Firm.
August 20, 2006
An interview with Tsuneo Sato and Yasuyuki Kuribayashi appeared on the "Law Firm Interview" of "Lexis Kigyo Homu" in the volume of August 2006 published by Yushodo Co., Ltd.
July 18, 2006
Mikio Tanaka gave a lecture regarding Attorney-client privilege in Japan as a guest speaker at a meeting of the International Association of Defense Counsel in Rome.
July 11, 2006
Noriyuki Katayama served as a speaker at the session of The 2003 ISDA Credit Derivatives at the Understanding the ISDA Master Agreements Conference held by ISDA.
July 10, 2006
Shinya Okauchi co-authored "Practical Guide to Joint Venture under the New Corporate Law" published by Hanrei Times Co., Ltd.
July 1, 2006
Yoshitada Ogiso, admitted in 1985, has joined the Firm as a Partner from Orrick Tokyo. Haruka Shibuya, admitted in 1998, has also joined the Firm.
June 16, 2006
"The Essence of Corporate Law for Directors" co-authored by our lawyers is published by Chuokeizai-sha, Inc.
June 15, 2006
Masamichi Sakamoto resumed his practice in Tokyo, following his graduation from the LL.M. program at Northwestern University School of Law and training with a law firm in the United States.
April 24, 2006
President and Vice-President of Primorsky Krai Bar Association visited the Firm.
April 18, 2006
In the case where the purchaser brought a claim against the seller for indemnification of damages due to the seller's breach of representations and warranties in M&A transaction, in which City-Yuwa Partners represented the purchaser, the Tokyo District Court accepted the purchaser's claim on January 17, 2006 (Kinyu Shoji Hanrei No. 1234, page 6).
Shinya Okauchi authored an article on the court decision above entitled "Whether Purchaser's Gross Negligence May be Used as Seller's Defense against Purchaser's Claim for Indemnification of Damages arising from Seller's Breach of Representations and Warranties", which appeared on Kinyu Shoji Hanrei No. 1239, page 2.
March 25, 2006
"Visual Guide for Anti-Monopolization Act third edition" (Naruhodo Zukai, Dokkinho no Shikumi) coauthored by our lawyers was published by Chuokeizai-sha, Inc.
January 1, 2006
Michio Masaki has been promoted to a Partner.

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