General Corporate

Among the broad range of legal services, the General Corporate Law practice deals with various legal issues pertaining to the businesses of client companies.

The General Corporate Law practice always requires legal expertise and experience from a variety of practice areas, and attorneys at City-Yuwa Partners do not limit themselves to practicing only in the fields of their expertise, but rather handle a number of fields of practice. City-Yuwa, as the synthesis of these attorneys, provides adequate legal advice to domestic and foreign, listed and non-listed, large and small-to-midsize companies, according to their needs.

General commercial transactions are another important field of practice in General Corporate Law. City-Yuwa provides legal services for domestic and cross-border transactions, among others, preparing and negotiating contracts in a range of transactions required for the operation of business, including basic purchase and sale agreements, distributorship agreements, license agreements, franchise agreements, joint development agreements, agreements in connection with overseas trade, joint venture agreements and service agreements. For cross-border transactions, City-Yuwa utilizes its broad network to closely collaborate with leading law firms throughout the world in order to address the needs of our clients (please refer to International for details).

For Japanese branch offices of foreign entities, including companies and venture companies, City-Yuwa provides legal services to satisfy the diverse needs of these entities, from incorporation, issuance of shares, conducting shareholders meetings and board of directors meetings and other matters regarding an organization, including operation, financing, reorganization and dissolution. Also, City-Yuwa is equipped to provide comprehensive services to clients, with our judicial scriveners specialized in commercial registration working together with our attorneys for various commercial registrations.

The full spectrum of City-Yuwa's General Corporate Law practice includes Mergers and Acquisitions, Antitrust and Competition, Labor and Employment, Regulatory, Tax, Intellectual Property and Information Technology, Compliance, and other fields of practice. Please refer to each column for details.

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